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Social Responsibility
Social Responsibility

Since we SGPH set up, weve concerned our employees oriented, and pay all attention to lean production with innovation and research. Weve passed the Social Responsibility Audit in first of the industrial chain. We make our words to the people & society, nature & environment with the same space of reach the value of economy and culture for our own. We commit ourselves to behave according to accepted ethical principles when interacting with colleagues, customers, suppliers, business partners.

 The Working Environment

Ensure a healthy and safe working environment where the sources of noise and air pollution are under control. Facilities must be well maintained and kept in clean condition.

Basic working conditions

We shall treat all our employees with respect and dignity and shall ensure all applicable laws And regulations.

Not use child labor.

Not use forced labor, regardless of its form, or involuntary prison labor.

Not use illegal workers.

Not tolerate harassment or discrimination on the basis of sex, race, color, religion, age, ethic or nation origin.

Comply with applicable law regulating hours of work.


Environmental Friendly Production

We are able to handle our waste, including waste from toxic substances, in satisfactory way. We are use the international standard ISO 14001 as a starting point and basis for his work. We shall follow all environment laws and regulations. We shall gradually promote environmentally friendly production. We have a lab for raw material and final productions VOC and metal content testing, to ensure all the printing production are safe, without pollution and meet the environmental standard.

We treat our waste applicable with the environment friendly standard.

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