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R & D department actively develop innovation, will develop new projects each year, research on patent technologies with independent intellectual property rights. So far, we has obtained 26 patents, including 3 invention patents, covering the packaging structure, printing technology, printing technology and new material .

Process Innovation

We have successfully developed new technologies of cold stamping, Laser stamping transferring, reverse compound polishing, offset printing online flexo secondary polishing ,embossing and die-cutting integration and so forth. These techniques successfully applied for a patent and transformed powerful production capacity, production and application in food, medicine, cosmetics and other international well-known brands of packaging products and improve the added value of products.


The design of carton structure

In the development of the carton structure , we proactive in innovation for customer’s demand as the starting point to provide active service. About structure development that we consider the cost,efficiency, transportation and other aspects to attract consumers, and also strive to design products truly meet customer needs. At present, we designed all patent structure ourselves which contains “lightweight carton “ ,“to open the carton " , “with a display function packaging carton " and “anti-theft structure of packaging carton "were adopted and praised by customers.

研发创新2-1.png 研发创新2-2.png 研发创新2-3.png

研发创新2-4.png 研发创新2-5.png 研发创新2-6.png

New and high-tech products

We are actively developing process, and high technology products. The sale of new high-tech products contributes more than 65% of total sales every year. Until now, four kinds of products including “A product with unique effects using combination technology“,“A box with high contrast surface effect”, “An environmental packaging box with high mirror glossy” and “A box using offset printing online flexo secondary polishing technology “ that have been identified as high-tech products of Jiangsu Province.

研发创新3-1.png 研发创新3-2.png

研发创新3-3.png 研发创新3-4.png

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